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VV-ONE P.W.M. / Alcaravan

$15.00 / On Sale


K Man / Kadet P
P.W.M. / Alcaravan
Catalogue No.: VV-One
Format: 12” White Label – 300 Copies
Release Date: October 2016
Artwork: Dan Browne
Mastering: Za @ White Peach Records


A. K Man – P.W.M.
B. Kadet P - Alcaravan

K Man

Facebook: http://bit.ly/kman-fb
Twitter: http://bit.ly/kman-twtr
SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/kman-sc

Kadet P

Facebook: http://bit.ly/kadetp-fb
Twitter: http://bit.ly/kadetp-twtr
SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/kadetp-sc

What first seemed to be a secret Facebook group specifically founded for a tight group of vinyl purists, more than logically turned into a record imprint founded by the Ottawa-based Carter Fowles. The Canadian vinyl collector is ready to present you the next chapter of ‘Vinyl Vigilance’. The first release from the vaults, catalogued as VV-One, finds the beat craftsmanship from none other than DEEP MEDi’s K Man (The Phantom) and Ivory Shade Hi-Fi’s Kadet P on delicate 12” wax. Both producers have taken a side and delivered a phenomenal piece of music that will remind listeners of the meditative properties of bass weight in the classic dubstep sound.

Two hundred copies will be hand stamped, numbered and sold via Big Cartel. These will also contain an 8”x 8” artwork insert courtesy of Dan Browne. The remaining hundred pieces will be plain white labels that are sold via distribution. Just wait until you’ve got your hands on a delicate copy!

The Phantom’s opening jam quickly transcends to a level of skank, as his programmed delay effect empowers the highly conductive bassline that is about to kick it. It is quickly stretched out to deliver an electrocuting experience that is packed with the right amount of Hertz and vibes. Watch for the second drop of ‘P.W.M.’ to drive you nuts, as the power levels inside will spark a rage that hails a dance-floor manifesto.

The flip welcomes highly meditative repertoire from the man like Kadet P, who lets you drift off to another galaxy. Catchy samples unravel his exquisite taste in melody and wobble placing, while the formula of this vigilante quickly awakens a sinister feel. ‘Alcaravan’ sends cold chills down spines and may cause heartburns. Make sure to brace yourself for the first lethal dose of bass weight from the dubstep recruit.

Vinyl Vigilance: "Connoisseur Cuts"

A special special shout out to Olaf from Signalfire for the PR write up. Check them out and all their services at www.signalfire.nl

Huge love worldwide!